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I have been interested in photography from a young age, ever since my mother let me take her Kodak Disc camera and shoot blurry pictures of GI Joe figures. When I was a teenager my father let me use his 35mm Kalimar to shoot pictures at vintage car shows in the late 80’s. For graduation from Framingham State in ‘97 I received my first camera as a present, a 35mm Nikon N50. I used this camera constantly but it soon got old relying on the pharmacy for development. Thanks to my friend Ron who had taken black and white photography in college I got hooked on black and white film. We set up a small darkroom in the back of Ron’s three-decker apartment. Soon we grew out of the small closet and my cousin Jason and I set up our own base of operations in my aunt’s house. On weekends we ventured out shooting old New England graveyards, abandoned places and the dark bowers of man’s domain...

All of these images were scanned directly from negatives, using an Epson V500 Photo Scanner


In Search of… Abandoned Places

These images where taken between ‘97 and 2000. Unless other wise noted, these images are taken mostly around the city of Worcester and Shrewsbury Ma. Aesthetically I am drawn to the textures and contrasts of rotten wood and rusted metal. Part of the allure of these places is not necessarily the images themselves, it is the experience of visiting them. The musty odors, stepping over smashed concrete and the questions. Who worked here? Who lived here? Where are the people who built this place? Are they still here, haunting the walls? Flitting in and out of the dark crevasses and broken yellow windows?



I’ve been interested in old cars since my father restored a ‘64 Oldsmobile when I was in fourth grade. Combined with a love for abandoned places its obvious that I would be drawn to junk yards. The junk yard photos in this gallery where taken sometime around ‘98 in Charlton Ma. Each one of these rotting hulks was once some one’s dream. They worked hard to acquire these things and now here they sit, sinking into the ground. The last three images where taken in 2008 at the Tie Rods Old Timers Reunion with a vintage Kodak Reflex camera on 120 400 speed film. I like the juxtaposition of the junk yard images with these rolling works of art, resurrected back to their former glory. The last four pictures were taken at Tie Rods '09, all taken with a vintage 35mm Argus C3. With these images I wanted to capture portraits of the people attending the event moreso than the show cars.


This gallery is a hodgepodge of images from the late 90’s to the present. The first three images are from ‘99 to 2000 taken with a Nikon N50. A few years back I realized that if I was going to take pictures of old places it might be interesting to use vintage cameras. All of the 120 images in this gallery where taken with either a Kodak Duaflex II or a Kodak Reflex circ 1950’s, around Worcester and Westford Ma. What I like about using these cameras is that without using darkroom tricks or Photoshop they create images with an inherently ghostly feel. These old cameras have souls, and capture images in a way a digital camera never could.



I changed my focus from places and adventuring to an inward smaller journey. The first three images where taken with the Kodak Reflex using combinations of vintage close up filters. The fourth image and the Sentinel photos, inspired by the work of Arthur C. Clarke, are really a test of the camera I use currently. A Graphlex 2x3 which was only produced between 1939 and 1941. I have been experimenting with different lighting effects and filters to shoot these. Using a pepper box I built a small pinhole camera that holds sheets of 120 film. The last four images are the result. The distortion and ghostly effect are a natural result of the most basic type of camera.


The Journey of Oreh

This is my current photography project. The inspiration for this series is my collection of rocks and anthropomorphic sticks and twigs. It is also heavily influenced by Joseph Campbell’s "Hero with a Thousand Faces" as well as studies in Alchemy and The Golden Dawn. It is an Alchemic journey, from servitude and ignorance to freedom and enlightenment, filled with traps and opportunities for discovery. Even though there may be perilous danger, the hero is always guided by an inner light. With this series I am trying to create images that speak to our subconscious through archetypes. All the images are shot on 2x3 100 speed Efke film. There is more to come for this series. We will see Oreh’s escape from an industrial waste, his meeting with a wise being who may or may not be what he seems…