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During my stay at the SMFA in 1999 I had an idea to create images of soldiers fighting a war in a post apocalyptic future. After making many sketches I started this series in 2003 and completed it in 2006. The clown soldier represents a shaman warrior. In Native American culture the clown is a person who can move between the worlds. He can make fun of serious rituals but also holds infinite power. These images are an exploration of a time out of time, when society has broken down and men feed on men. They are hero’s, fighting against the darkness, creating a new reality. These paintings also derive from images of manhood from my childhood. The influence of growing up with plastic army men, Star Wars, GI Joe, He Man, and various action figures created confusing ideas of male identity. I imagined my self as an action figure playing out the role of a military hero. These paintings explore the difference between the unimaginable reality of combat and childhood fantasies of conflict and violence.


Red Ashen Sky

These paintings where made between ’07 and ’08. They became part of my thesis show “Children Swinging Axes in the Night”. They were inspired by two things; an album entitled F#A#(Infinity) by Godspeed You! Black Emperor and time spent on the commuter rail traveling between Boston and Worcester. One track in particular influenced these images; a song entitled “The Dead Flag Blues”, an apocalyptic study of doom and hope.


Children Swinging Axes in the Night

These images constitute the majority of “Children Swing Axes in the Night” 2008. This series originated with “They”. In 2002 I had visited the National Gallery in Washington D.C. and was fascinated by the medieval galleries. I created “They” within a nexus of conspiracy theories and the occult. After painting the "Soldiers" series I returned to this motif in 2007. For the rest of the project I chose a series of images and ideas that I was consistently drawn to. I printed some cards with each of these images or ideas. Then randomly drew them from the deck and created these paintings. The images and ideas came from childhood interests, as well as vintage science books, text books and from the occult. I was attempting to create a visual language loosely much like the Tarot, a personal symbol system of arcane knowledge.

“Parsons Twins” 2010 was made for a show at Gallery 242 in Boston Ma, with the theme of Freak Shows. It is inspired by the work of Jack Parsons, a rocket scientist and founder of the Jet Propulsion Lab in the early days of NASA. He was an interesting man, not only did he make it possible for humanity to reach the Moon, he was also a practitioner of ritual magic and was an associate of Aleister Crowley. Before each rocket launch he would recite Crowley’s hymn to the Greek God Pan. This painting has it all, androgyny, the Saturn V, nuclear reactions, as above so below, and the weird connection between science and magic.


Coming Soon!

Here you will soon see my latest series. Back yard creatures; bunnies, chipmunks, robins, turtles, their activities, ritual magic, space travel, alchemy, sacred geometry, hope, cooperation, competition, the four elements, and a sinister enemy trying to ruin it all!