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This gallery contains illustrations from several book projects. The first image is a cover design for a graphic novel entitled “We are the Dead”, a World War I story inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. This project is currently in development. The second set of images is from my novella “The Harvester”. This is a fantasy story set in the distant future in which a young boy disappears. His older brother sets out to find him and discovers a horror not of this Earth. "The Harvester" is available here as an E-Book on Amazon. The third set of images is from a children’s book entitled “A Tale of Two Tails”. My wife wrote the book and I illustrated it in traditional water colors. This tale centers around the conflict between a chipmunk named Mr. Bits and a house cat named Fred. We are currently seeking representation to get “A Tale of Two Tails” published.


Character Concepts

In this gallery are character concept drawings from two projects. The first four are characters and designs from a short graphic novel entitled “Catch of the Day”. This is the story of a fisherman who brings home a new friend from the sea but quickly finds out he may be in over his head. The rest of the images are from a long term project entitled “The Nagog Trilogy”. This series of young adult novels are about a young girl named Emma, a boy named Tommy, and an ancient dark force known as Nagog. These three characters converge in a land called Naud, another dimension hanging just outside our own. Their adventures in Naud could spell doom or enlightenment for the human race. This sample of the many drawings I have made for this project help me visualize my characters while I am writing. Some of the drawings will be featured as full color illustrations presented in each chapter in the manner of Clive Barkers “Abarat” series.


Sci-Fi & Horror

This gallery presents experiments in different media with science fiction and horror themes. The first two images are inspired by the great horror comic artists such as Bernie Wrightson and Grahm Ingels. They are pen and ink drawings scanned and colored in Photoshop. The next two images are digital paintings also created in Adobe Photoshop. These two paintings are throw backs to art work you would see in the classic Heavy Metal magazine. Both images started out as quick sketches in ball point pen. As a tradition painter of oils, watercolor and acrylic I find Photoshop to be a powerful tool that allows me to create images using aspects of all three as well as air brush and photographic effects. The remaining images are a mish mash of Photoshop and traditional media.


Tee Shirts

This gallery is a collection of tee shirt designs that are available for purchase here at TeePublic. The majority of these images were created in Adobe Illustrator. They are generally mash-ups of my favorite pop culture movies music and characters.