Bob Stearns began his artistic explorations in February of the mid 1970’s. Gluing cotton to construction paper soon gave way to macaroni covered shampoo bottles spray painted in luxurious gold. Crude drawings, action figures, nightmares and television added to an already twisted maelstrom of dysfunctional children and amazing weekend adventures. An interest in Bermuda Triangles, Loch Ness Monsters, UFO’s and Ghosts added yet another dimension to this budding young artistic genius.

Lucas and Spielberg added another popular spice to this developing thing. The Japanese, with their giant robots and decimated cities of Katsuhiro Otomo threw their ingredients into the mix. Growing up in the heart of New England, in Lovecraft country, was a perfect backdrop to a life long interest in the weird and the strange.

Bob initially studied painting at Framingham State College. Upon graduating, he continued his craft at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Working at art supply stores and temporary jobs proved to be excruciatingly boring for him. He returned to Framingham State in order to be certified as a Visual Art teacher in the public schools. He teaches various grade levels from kindergarten to high school. As an artist/teacher he hopes to inspire his students and in turn be inspired by them.

He continued his art education studies at Massachusetts College of Art, receiving a Master of Science of Art Education. It was during this program that he produced a masterful thesis show entitled “Children Swinging Axes in the Night”, a culmination of the life long ideas he had swimming around his skull. It was here, also at Massart, that he realized the purpose of his artwork; he is a story teller. Whether through images or words The Story is the goal.

Currently he is working on a new series of paintings, as well as a surreal dark fantasy, young adult, trilogy of novels. He lives with his wife and cat in northern Massachusetts, just east of Dunwich.

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