art state

Art making is play. Through play, we exercise control, or the illusion of control on our environment and it comforts us. It gives the artist power to create other worlds and live in them. The nighttime images one sees can become concrete. In crafting an object to share with others, the artist, and possibly the viewer can be transformed.

If we are lucky enough to have a safe childhood we are protected and unaware of the horror of life. Through play we can become masters of the Terror. The artist can mold the story and journey with the Hero. My images appear within a nexus of childhood fantasy, the occult, dreams, war aesthetic, media and oil paint. Essentially, I am creating an alternate universe to play in. It is a universe with its own Gods, its own heroes, its own bizarre religions and its own history of conflict.

My process is a form of Alchemic conjuring. I attempt to manifest things not apparent to the conscious mind. These enigmas often show themselves in dreams or weird combinations of sound, sight and smell. They may appear in a song or snippet of some obscure horror movie. They sometimes call, inexplicably from an image in an outdated science text book. Or they may glance through a sentence in an old children’s reader.

Now, more than ever, we are in danger of complete destruction at the hands of unchecked corporations and fundamentalists of every religion. Human freedom is in serious trouble. My images express this profound fear of losing everything to dogmatic fools, or they might be pure escapism...